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Jan Erik Nilsen
M.Sc. Has developed
hardware and software
since 1982.

Powered for
FPGA with Linux

Knowledge and Experience:


  • FPGA system development with a mixture of self developed logic, soft processors and other IP-blocks.
  • 32-bit RISC, DSP and microcontrollers of many different architectures.
  • Analog and digital electronics in general.
  • PCI bridges. Hardware and Software.
  • Network Hardware and Software including Ethernet and high speed interfaces.
  • CCD / CMOS camera interface implemented in FPGA. Real-time graphics / warping [Example 1][Example 2]
  • Video related electronics. Digital video encryption.
  • Development of emulators for microprocessors.
  • Sonar and laser related sub-sea electronics.
  • Interfacing GSM moduls.


  • Development of Real-Time Operating Systems and applications.
  • Web Servers providing user interface for embedded systems.
  • Deep TCP/IP knowledge. Applications based on OpenTCP.
  • Linux programming.
  • Linux Device Drivers.
  • Embedded Linux. Xilinx Zynq
  • GSM moduls for data transmission (TCP/IP and SMS)
  • Parallel processing and distributed systems.
  • Cryptography with DES and RSA.
  • Analog and digital signal processing including image processing.
  • Programming in C, C++, C#, Java and Assembly.


  • The following standards have been used in development: ISO 9000, AQAP-14.
  • Safety Critical Systems for Aviation, Hardware and Software (Ada). Standard: RTCA/DO-178B (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification).



Current projects:
  • CondAlign: Development of electronics equipment for applying electric fields to align particles in polymers..
  • Indra Navia: Nilsen Elektronikk is developing communication equipmemt. HW and SW.

Some recent projects:

  • Crobocom: Nilsen Elektronikk is developing payment systems and Raspberry interfaces for vending machines.
  • Tordivel: Development of light and exposure trig units with Power over Ethernet.
  • Data Respons: Participation in a project with many FPGAs in a large network.
  • Algonumeric: Participation in a vision project using Raspberry.
  • Norsk Elektro Optikk: Nilsen Elektronikk is developing FPGA with Xilinx Zynq and Linux support.
  • Aker Subsea: Schematics for a power supply control unit.
  • Sensorlink:  Development of a new generation ultrasonic instrument.
  • Conax:  Development of an Ethernet interface for 8 Smartcards.
  • Tordivel: Development of a light and exposure trig unit (Stinger Interface).
  • Hittite Norway: Hittite designs and develops high performance ICs, modules, subsystems and instrumentation. Their A/D converters are developed in Norway. Nilsen Elektronikk has development FPGA logic for embedded SPI Flash update, with Java driver for the evaluation boards.
  • Sensorlink:  Updating the FPGA inside the ultrasonic instrument.
  • Jetro:  Developing an EPLD for controlling a Brushless DC Motor.
  • Indra (former Park Air Systems): GBAS, a Safety Critical GPS-based satellite landing system for airports. Development of  CPU card and FPGA logic. The FPGA contains a self developed VGA graphics controller with block-fill and block-move functions.
  • Kongsberg Seatex:  An instrument containing many FPGAs, Responsible for electronic HW, FW and SW.
  • Kongsberg Seatex:  Development of card with CPU and radio modules for Differential GPS.
  • Kongsberg Seatex:  Linux software for  serial interfaces (common API with other platforms).
  • Vingh√łg: A Real-time Video processing system with many FPGAs.
  • Kongsberg Seatex:  Software for the Seapos, Differential GPS module with network interface, web server etc. Software for the DGPS Demodulator with network and user interface. Both based on Rabbit modules
  • Xepto: SW updating. Interfacing a new GSM module to the LOS cargo tracking device.
  • Kongsberg Seatex:  Upgrading RTOS and software for the Seapath.
  • Otrum:  Development of the digital part of a Modem with Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP) interface for the Hotel TV system. OpenTCP is used.
  • Xepto: Burgler sensor for dynamite containers together with necessary test and calibration equipment.
  • Park Air Systems: A switch unit for Park Air Systems' fully-digital GAREX 220 Voice Communication Control System.
  • Tomra:  Metal detector and USB node for Recycling Centre. The card contains a CCD camera. Tomra offers systems for recovering packaging for reuse and recycling.
  • Cargoscan: Production test equipment.
  • Tordivel / Cargoscan: Low cost PCI card Frame Grabber for Line camera. A FPGA implements PCI bridge, soft processor, 40 Mpix/sec camera interfaces and DSP functions. Dedicated logic provides real-time image enhancements.
  • Tordivel / Cargoscan:  Stepper motor controller and light control system for vision purposes.
  • Park Air Systems: Park Air Systems' fully-digital GAREX 220 Voice Communication Control System represents the state of the art within Air Traffic Control voice switching systems. Task: Development of two different Line Cards containing DSP, FPGA and Codecs. The equipment is safety critical.
  • Spagat: Plugged into the Scart connector, the "Crabat" Mobile Picture Viewer enables users of Bluetooth and MMS compatible Mobile Phones to instantly explore images and sound on any TV set. Contribution: Video processing HW and SW.  
  • Otrum:  Linux Device Driver for a dual Composite Video PCI card. (The card is a recent project.)
  • Otrum:  VCR Controller with Ethernet Interface. A simple and inexpensive widget with UDP support. 
  • Park Air Systems: NM8000, a Safety Critical GPS-based Satellite Landing System. Development of about 7 of the cards inside including SW drivers in Ada.
  • Otrum:  PCI-card with TV-tuner used to read teletext from all TV-channels for the Hotel TV system. 
  • Eltek Energy: Norwegian company developing, manufacturing and selling power supplies. Contribution: SW development. Applications and OS.
  • Otrum: Development of the digital part of a PCI Modem for the Hotel TV system. Intel i960VH is used.
  • Otrum: Development of a menu image distributing system for the hotel-TV system. Images are read from the host PC memory and routed by a digital network to graphics cards. See photos below.
  • Otrum: Development of a Digital video encoder/decoder using line rotation for scrambling. Scrambling information is carried in the video signal. A DES-like cryptography method using 64-bits keys is used.
  • Telecast: Contribution in the development of a digital audio mixer for broadcast. Task: Parallel processing and distributed systems.
  • Tandberg Television ASA: Real-time software development to control an array of video encoders.
  • Security Innovation: Development of a Reader/Writer for Magnetic Cards with TCP/IP and RS232 interface.